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RelyOn Solar Tracker

Enhances Project ​V​iability

  • 18-25% higher power generation
  • Improved project IRR and reduced LCOE (Levelised Cost of Energy)
  • Tracker investment payback less than 4 years

Most Flexible Tracking Solution

  • Each row individually powered by a motor
  • Installation possible up to 15% field slope
  • High power density per acre
  • Up to 32KWp in just 50m length

High Performance Tracking Solution

  • Accurate & Smart Algorithm for tracking true solar position
  • Adaptive backtracking
  • Large tilt angle (-55 deg to +55 Deg)

Easy Maintenance system

  • No mechanical links, each row is independent
  • Robust Design
  • M​aintenance free Gearbox and Motor.
  • ​Frictionless Bearing​
  • Quick installation
  • Stowage mode for wind
  • Quick reset to stowage position
  • Cleaning mode available for routine cleaning