Reduce high electricity costs for hospitals with a battery backed solar power systems to provide reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Government Buildings

Rooftop solar systems ranging from 10 KW to 100 KW have been installed for government buildings all across India.

Petrol Pumps

One of preferred vendors of iOCL, we have installed solar power systems for more than 150 petrol pumps.


Solar power system for banks provides continuous electricity and reduce diesel generators costs.

Industrial and Commercial Rooftops

Generate Solar Power for cheap and reduce electricity bills with solar electricity.

Shopping Mall

Solar power systems for telecom towers can reduce the DG costs and provide a reliable back up system.

Grid- Tied Systems

Connect your solar PV plant to electrical grid and sell electricity to utility company or third party through a PPA

Off-grid systems

Off-grid systems

Generate Solar Power for cheap and reduce electricity bills with solar electricity.

Solar water pumps

Captive solar power is economical and provide huge carbon savings for industrial plants.

“RelyOn Solar’s home power system is the answer to our load shedding problems. Now we can run all essential components on solar. We don’t realize load shedding because of the auto-switch system. We have been using this system for last 2 years and are happy with its performance”

Dr. Kranti, Latur

“We had an opportunity to work with RelyOn Solar on a MW project and we were very impressed with their technological acumen. Our belief was re-enforced when we visited their highly optimized 10MW Solar Power Plant in Osmanabad, Maharashtra. We would definitely like to work with them in future.”

                                  Dinesh Jagdale, Director, Panama Wind Energy